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Wagons & Mules

Contact Roger for an event”

We have a number of wagons and mules for lease, all year long, for people who want to put on an event of their own. All of our wagons are great for movies, parades and special events.

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1860's Weber Chuck Wagon
complete set-up with authentic
period cooking gear and firepit.
RENTAL: $1,250.00 / day
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1917 Weber Spin-Reach
Built to Govt. SpecsManual and
Hydraulic Brakes
Used for cattle drives and
parades. Call for pricing.
RENTAL: $1,250.00 / day
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1890's Henderson Mountain
Spring Wagon
Fully restored by Darrel Hatch
in Mesa, AZ.
FOR SALE: $10,250.00
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1890's HendersonMoutain
Freight Wagon with extra
removable passanger seat
Fully restored
RENTAL: $1,250 / day
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1860's Bain
High wheel wagon
Extra sideboards and front and
rear extensions for chuck
SOLD: John Ramrod
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1880's Henderson (restored)
California Rack-Bed Hay Wagon
RENTAL: $1,250 / day
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1880's P Shuttler High Wheel
All original
Great shape
SOLD: Doug Hanson
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1908 Hendricks Buggy
Made in San Francisco
All original
FOR SALE: $1,500.00
"Our focus is
Ca heritage"
heifers grazing the pasture
heifers grazing the pasture
heifers grazing the pasture

No Ranch Is Complete

Without the use of historic vehicles. For the most part, these historic vehicles have been built in CA for the use of commercial freight, passengers and used on ranches since the gold rush.


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